John Bear is 8 inches tall (20cm) when standing.  He is made from the finest distressed german mohair and has been entirely stitched by hand.  He is five way jointed (arms, legs and head move) and has handmade glass 'boot button' eyes with an embroidered nose and mouth.  He wears a lambswool Stewart tartan scarf and a handmade ultra suade satchel fastened with a gold bell button.  In it he carries a map showing his cave on Bass Rock, a key, a sixpence and his lucky shell.


His tag reads: 'John Bear is a brave bear from Bass Rock, Scotland.  He carries a map, his lucky shell and a sixpence in his satchel'


This message (and his name) can be changed in any way that you like to make him a personal and extra special gift. As he is handmade he is suitable for children and adults over 14 years of age.

John Bear - Collectors Mohair

  • I want you to be 100% satisfied with your bear and offer an no quibbles return policy.